Ability to export the model in other formats. esp STL

bill 2020-4-16 3807

Prusa has a really good feature where after adding supports you can export the file as an STL with the supports.       I means if I add supports and the model fails to print properly because I didnt add enough/correct supports then all I have to do is reload the STL with supports and add a few more.    Instead of doing ALL the supports all overagain.    

Also means I can support a number of models individually then when I know they print correctly all I have to do is fill up the build plate with a number of pre supported models increasing my productivity.  


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  • cbd 2020-4-17
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    Hello, you can save or save as a project file after adding support or doing other operations. The project file supports you to add more support on the original basis.

    We have already explored about supporting multiple models separately, but it takes a lot of time to test, and if there is some progress, it will be updated in time

  • bill 2020-4-21
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    Yes and that is good ...unfortunately when you reload the model as soon as you change anything the supports dissapear.   EG I supported a model printed it then realised it was too small.    reloaded the model with the supports as soon as I  resized the model the supports dissapeared   meaning I had to start all over again.   Now if I could of saved the original supported model as an STL (like Prusa slicer)  when I reloaded the model to resize it the supports would of already stayed in place.    meaning all I would of had to do was add 1 or 2 new supports to the newer larger model.