Adding text to model

Guest 2020-4-23 1138

Hey there, is there a way to ad text when slicing your workpiece? I would love to add my name or logo to the item I print.
I've seen that in PZ-Slice you can add some text in positive/negative. This would be great iff I could do that in Chitubox, but I can't find this feature?

Am I missing something or is it not in the software ( yet )?


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  • cbd 2020-4-23
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    Hello, we have developed this function and will release it soon
  • Guest 2020-4-24
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    Perfect I would love to be able to print my companyname or logo into the multiple items on the buildplate. Looking forward to it.
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    Any update on this? This would be really cool! If I may add: some very basic shapes like Lychee S does is very useful as well.
    I really love your product!