Trouble adding supports

2020-4-28 1359

Hi all, I'm very new to Chitubox so I may just be missing something.  I purchased some STL models from HeroForge and I'm working on getting them properly supported for printing.  I use the auto support to put in all the supports but I'm  finding one or two small details that are missing supports.  The problem I have is that when I click to add the support Chitubox is not adding anyhting.  I can add supports to other areas so I'm sure I have the general idea correct.  But these areas are very small points, like the tip of the charcter's ear and piece of the hair.  They only float for one-three layers at 0.0.25 layer hight.  I'm not sure if I should just not worry about it as it is very small or if there's a special trick I'm missing to get the supports added for these.  Thanks for any tips! 

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  • cbd 2020-4-28
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    Hello, we have released the latest beta version, you can download and use it on the official website, we have optimized the support, if you still have problems, you can send an email to, we will help you
  • Guest 2020-4-29
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    you can use the edit support option to manually move the connecting point of a nearby support to the details that need supporting. just add a support to an existing support and edit that new support to where you need it to go, each of the parts should be individually movable.

    without support it might be fine just a small flat for those few layers most likely. 
  • 2020-5-1
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    Thanks, the new Beta seems to have helped, though at first there were tons and tons and supports, but I see that's already been addressed in an update.  I found a way to reposition the model that's helping as well as the suggestions you've provided - I have an other attempt printing now.  Thanks!  
  • Guest 2020-5-1
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    the version is completely broken beyond repair.
    One big time consuming nightmare