New version is continually crashing

Guest 2020-4-30 1030

The new version for MAC is horrible! It's worse than the previous version. Constantly crashes every time you add a support. Will not stay open. I have tried rebooting, changing the file name, etc. Nothing works. I am going back to previous version if I can and "deal" with crashes, because there are less of them.  

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  • Guest 2020-5-1
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    Also on PC. its absolute bullshit! I cant even place one support and it crashes on me.
    I don't know who is running your tech team, but how tf can you release something that doesn't work.
    You need to test your shit for a week before you push it to market.
    Please upload a rollback to the last stable version ASAP and take your time before you bring out 1.6.5

    GO DO IT NOW. don't wait until after the weekend. get started now!
  • Guest 2020-5-1
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    Whoever is forcing your tech department to make deadlines they aren't ready for needs to go look for a new job.
  • Robert Raithel 2020-5-2
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    I ran the update and I now get a message that MSVCP140.dll is missing and the program won't run at all.
  • Nicolás Herrera 2020-5-5
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    could you pass the mac installer to my email thank you very much!

    me podrias pasar el instalador para mac a mi correo muchas gracias!
  • Nicolás Herrera 2020-5-5
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    could you pass the mac installer to my email thank you very much!