Parts 5% larger than they should be

Ross 2020-5-6 1332

I'm using Chitubox V1.6.3 with an Anycubic Photon (not an S) and all the parts sliced in Chitubox are coming out roughly 5% too large. Parts sliced in the Photon's own Workshop software are correct size, but they have other issues.

My setting are as follows:

Res X: 1440px, Y: 2560px

Lock Ratio: Off

Size X: 65mm, Y: 115mm, Z: 155mm

Build Area Offset: Off

Machine Type: AnyCubic Photon

Mirror: LCD_mirror

Layer Height: 0.020mm to 0.050mm - occurs with any setting

Bottom Layer Count: 8

Exposure Time: 15s

Bottom Exposure Time: 60s

Light-off Delay: 1s

Bottom Light-off Delay: 1s

Bottom Lift Distance: 5mm

Lifting Distance: 5mm

Bottom Lift Speed: 120mm/min

Lifting Speed: 180mm/min

Retract Speed: 180mm/min

Anti-Aliasing Level: 8

Anyone got any ideas what's wrong?



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  • Guest 2020-5-14
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    Similar problem here.
    Dimensions are not correct
    I'm unhappy!

  • cbd 2020-5-14
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    Is it a printed result or a sliced result, is there a photo? Can you send your questions to
  • Guest 2020-5-15
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    Printed results. See other post.
  • 2020-5-17
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    Agreed Creality LD-002R has the same issue,

    Wasted so much resin trying to reduce exposure to reduce swelling but nothing?!

    If you print a multi part print with pegs and holes that are supposed to fit together they never do?! And this is even with gambody high res files 
  • 2020-5-19
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    This is a problem with the lack of size compensation or "overgrowth prevention" I truly hope they add this functionality into the application, or perhaps the pro version. Without, I doubt it will be a useful platform for size-sensitive model production. 
  • 2020-5-22
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    i have the same problem. I managed to correct the exernal dimensions but not the internal by applying the correct build area. There is something wrong with the software!
  • Guest 1 Months+
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    has this been addressed in the latest version of Chitubox?