shadow displayed but nothing else

2020-5-10 745

hi   guys im new to 3d printing and chitubox , i have had several issues with chitubox  sometimes sucessful slicing other times  models wont display    only shadows i have tried updating graphics card drivers i even tried upgrading to the new beta software which then crashes my laptop sending the laptop into a loop every time you try clicking on another folder 

then when i uninstall chitubox it also removes mpsv140 dll file  from my system 

im running win10 

im stumped  any advice greatly received

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  • cbd 2020-5-11
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    There is a visual c ++ 2017 in the installation directory, which can be installed manually
  • 2020-5-12
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    thanks done that but still an issue  even tried running a back compatibility in windows to no avail