continyously writing log file named 1.txt on flash drives

psyche 1 Months+ 397

Hello. After i installed last version of ChituBox (x64 Beta) - it starts to continuously write log in file named 1.txt to any flash drive on computer (but not to hard drive, for example) and it is really makes some troubles - continuous writing makes every operation on flashdrives very slow and buggy. Is it process turning off, or the only way out is to remove the ChituBox and manually remove other things that are installed along with?

For now i just make those log files read-only and it helps from slowing with flash drives.

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  • Micron Madness 21 Days+
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    I have noticed the same thing. I would imagine it is useful internally for debugging but It's kind of creepy due to the lack of any warning or explanation. @CHITUBOX please address this.