dimensions not correct printed - big issue with size

Guest 2020-5-14 1511

I use a Qiditech 5.5s (same lcd as elegoo mars).

I'm using the latest chitubox V1.6.4.3 Beta.

Printing cubes with sizes of 15.00 millimeter creates cubes with a dimensions of 15.25 mm.

Printing cibes with sizes of 25.00mm creates cubes of 25.25 mm

10mm holes in these cubes were smaller (9.6 mm). 15mm holes are 14.6mm.

There is also another thread about wrong sizes.

Anyone any idea?

Is there a problem with chitubox? (was also suggested in the other thread).

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  • Guest 2020-5-15
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    I have triple checked the results with different printed objects. No antialiasing used!
    There is a problem with chitubox.
    - Why are there 5 pixels more printed than necessary on the sides of the cube?
    - Is the antialisising routine really off?
    - Why are the holes 8-10 pixels too small?

    Would like to hear from the developers of the software - not a sales rep.

  • 2020-5-17
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    Agreed! This is driving me nuts I can confirm the same issue using Creality LD-002R 

    Pins and holes on multi part prints simply do not fit as they should!

  • 2020-5-19
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    Quote from: https://forum.chitubox.com/?thread-402.htm

    This is a problem with the lack of size compensation or "overgrowth prevention" I truly hope they add this functionality into the application, or perhaps the pro version. Without, I doubt it will be a useful platform for size-sensitive model production.