[Linux] Chitubox V1.6.4.3 Beta - Models appear flat

Guest 2020-5-17 970

I am running Ubuntu 20.04. I have a Phrozen Sonic Mini 3D printer.

I prefer Linux to Windows for my daily driver stuff.  I installed the latest beta of ChituBox on both a Linux installation and a Windows 10 installation... the windows 10 doesn't appear to have an issue (other than the previously reported crashes when editing supports).

I can't say the same for the Linux version. I have attached a screenshot with both the CB v1.6.3 and CB v1.6.4.3 beta side by side.. with the exact same model loaded. In the screenshot you can see the model, on the right you can see a 'shadow' of the model on the build plate.

I just thought I would bring this to the developers and Linux users attention in the even they are experiencing the same model 'display' issue. It DOES appear that the model slices OK, Hollow function appears to work, and it looks like the supports function also works... I have NOT attempted to print a model from this version.

I hope this information is helpful... and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some logs from my setup.  

I will also be testing this on Fedora 32 and Manjaro and can report back my results if desired.

All of these devices use AMD video hardware.


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  • cbd 2020-5-18
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    Can you send the problem you found to support@chitubox.com? It will be very useful to us, thank you very much!