[Help] Printer Size Calibration

Guest 2020-5-19 2159

Hello guys, 

    I've watched this youtube video on Chitubox resin printer calibration and I cannot get the calibration settings to work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rEUyR9yoBI 

I have the Creality LD-002R printer, and I designed a test piece that's 120mm x 65mm x 15mm as shown in this photo:


When I printed this with the default settings (in the next photo), I got 120.05mm x 64.04mm x 14.42mm. 

After seeing that the Z is a bit small, I tried scaling it TWICE and ended up with this for the Z:

However even with a 128mm Z size, my print is still coming out at ~14.4mm in the Z axis. It seems like changing the size has zero effect on the actual print. Am I missing something here?

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