Chitubox causes Substance Painter to crash when opening a file. Mouse freezes when changing UI regions in chitubox.

2020-5-19 1076

There appears to be a strange conflict with substance painter and chitubox.

Does chitubox do something to win10 explorer / shell? Some known issues with substance painter is custom windows shells.

Everything is updated to the latest versions including chitubox, nvidia drivers, win10 etc.

I can only use substance painter if I uninstall chitubox.

Chitubox also freezes for a second when moving the cursor between the different UI regions inside chitubox.

System specs


32gb Gskill 3600

Nvidia 2070 Super

Maximus XI Hero

Kingston 2tb A2000 SSD's


Attached peripherals

Wacom Tablet

Mouse & KB

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  • cbd 2020-5-20
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    Can you send your question to by video?
  • Rodrigo 2020-7-25
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    The same issue is happening for me. 
    Running on Ryzen Threadripper 1950, 64 GB ram, rtx 2080 and win 10
  • Ron Power 2020-8-30
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    Same thing happening to me. Windows 10, NVIDIA GEForce 1070, i-5 2500, 16 GB RAM
  • ddpatron 2020-8-31
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    Same, if I install Chitubox on the same system that Substance Painter, this program crash when I try to create a new project and open the windows explorer to select a file. I think that this is a problem with the miniatures of the 3D files that Chitu show us or any incompatibility with the thumbnail viewer for the explorer. Sorry, i don't know where is the origin of the problem. Thanks for all!
  • ddpatron 2020-9-2
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    Hi guys, install Chitubox 32 bits version (I have win10). No more problems between Substance Painter and Chitubox for me. Regards!

  • cbd 2020-9-2
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    Please disable the thumbnail function in chitubox, we are looking for the reason, but my computer can indeed use two software at the same time (thumbnail can also be used normally).
  • cbd 2020-9-2
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