Is this a save bug?

2020-5-20 780

I can import multiple STLs, add supports etc, then no matter what I do when I click save and try reopening the file, only one STL is saved on the plate without any supports. How do I save the whole build plate? Or is this a bug? I have tried updating software and running on Mac. 

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  • cbd 2020-5-26
    Quote 2Floor
    When you import multiple models for editing, you need to save as chitubox format. If it is saved as stl, it can only be saved as a whole
  • 2020-8-9
    Quote 3Floor
    i saved as .chitubox, but had the same problem, using on Macbook 10.15.4 :(
  • cbd 2020-8-10
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    Save the project or save as a chitubox file after restoring factory settings