Why is there no model update function ~

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Why is there no model update function ~ Generally, CURA has a model update function

_If the model is revised, the model must be deleted and reloaded ~ the angle of the model made before, the thin shell, the hole, the bracket must be repeated

_It should be possible to update the model in its original position ~ Thank you

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  • cbd 9 Months+
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    hi, can you describe it more clearly?
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    just reload model buttom
    every time model is update i must del model and open it again
  • Guest 5 Months+
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    To add, is there a way to replace a model that has proven supports (eg, in the .chitubox project level), while keeping the supports in place? 

    I.e. model revision has update, but supports don't need revision. And to save time and avoid mistakes, keep the supports at same location, but the model can be deleted and swapped with new model at the same coordinates and angles (so the supports still 'blend' into the same area).

    Hope this clarifies our requests...