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Guest 2020-5-28 697

I'm currently using a Wacom Cintiq and I am running into some issues.  When using the software loaded on the Cintiq, the software becomes useless and minimizes to a smaller sized window.  I cannot click in the software with the pen without this happening. 

The second issue I am running into is I can use the software through the Cintiq, but only if it is loaded on a separate monitor.  This allows navigation in the outliner and support settings, but navigaton in the viewport itself becomes limited to panning only.  There is no orbit or dollying ability regardless of what the pen is set to in the Wacom preferences.  As of now, it seems 3D viewport navigation is limited to mouse interactions only?

As a request, 3D Navigation for the software would really benefit from an overhaul.  Maya, 3DsMax, Houdini, ZBrush, Blender (new navigation code), and even UE4 are great examples that all work very well with a tablet.  As an artist, I want to stay on my tablet, and the current 3D viewport design would never allow for it.      

Thank you so much for any assistance and please keep up the amazing work on Chitubox! 

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  • cbd 2020-6-1
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    I have feedback to the research and development, and will support it in the future, but it requires a lot of testing.
  • cbd 2020-6-2
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    Can you use Blender as an example to explain the problem on chitubox (when using wacom), can you shoot the video to
  • Guest 2020-6-6
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    Just responded to support with a video link.  Thank you for looking into adding tablet support!  
  • cbd 2020-6-8
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    Guest Just responded to support with a video link. Thank you for looking into adding tablet support!
    We will seriously consider it, thank you for your suggestion
  • Guest 2020-10-30
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    Hi. Does any one have the settings for using the rotate function using a wacom tablet and a stylus?
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    Bump, I'm also a Tablet PC user. I could orbit using the pen on version 1.5 but its been broken in every version since.