Dimming of support structure

Guest 2018-11-14 1545

Please include the possibility to dim the opacity of the support structure.

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-16
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    Is it in the editing state? Or need a menu that can modify the color and transparency of the support?
  • miniscaleworld 2018-11-19
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    I also need this feature, at least enought transparency when adding supports to see the part from the bottom. This is resolved in the anycubic photon slicer version with full transparency when editing from the bottom.

  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-19
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    Did this function meet your requirements?

  • miniscaleworld 2018-11-20
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    Yes, thanks, I haven´t seen it.
  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-21
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    miniscaleworld Yes, thanks, I haven´t seen it.
    Yes, tell you a good news
    Next version we will  support the same bottom view function as the old version.