object appeas in dark Blue

ali baimalek 2020-6-5 3461

hello there,

I have been using chetubox for a while but this is the first time I faced this issue. I have one file .obj when I load it in the software it appears in dark blue. I tried to slice it but layers are not shown. 

I believe its a problem in the file itself can someone suggest a workaround to be able to print the file.

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  • cbd 2020-6-8
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    Hello, I tested it on my computer and found that it's reversed. You can try to add support, its support will be generated internally.
  • ali baimalek 2020-6-8
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    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    i tried to add the support but when sliced, all I see are supports but not the object itself. as if I have only support without the object
  • jack d 2022-11-15
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    I have the same issue.