Changing the layer heigth - impacts on other settings

Guest 2020-6-21 684

hi all, i'm beginning to use this great software for my new creality ld 002-r, i can see that there is a specific profile per general resin for lcd at 0.05 layer height, i was wondering, should i try lower layer heigths (i.e. 0.03 / 0.03), if i have to change other settings.. i'm using the elegoo water washable photopolymer ceramic grey resin, the manufacter suggest 60s bottom exposure and 8s normal exposure, but it's unclear if those settings are for 0.05 layer settings, or if they apply to any other, thanks

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  • cbd 2020-6-23
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    When the layer thickness is 0.05, these parameters should be correct, and the printing parameters in chitubox are all tested by them