How do i save in .CTB format?

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I have a QIDI Tech Shadow 5.5S. I have contacted QIDI Tech and was informed that I need to save in a .CTB format. The first test print on the memory stick is a,CTB file it printed great. From all the options "Save as" to "Save project" it does not seem to be there. I have tried all the available formats (.stl, .obj, .chitubox) The Shadow 5.5S will not recognize any of them nor print them?

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    You need to add the machine in the slicing settings, then slicing, save the file format as ctb
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    Are you saying a Profile? If so, I did that from the beginning. 
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     was using out of the box was a generic one I created. I added the actual Shadow 5.5S profile in Chitubox. The "Save As" now is giving me the option via tab down to save .CTB format. Off to the race..