How do i save in .CTB format?

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I have a QIDI Tech Shadow 5.5S. I have contacted QIDI Tech and was informed that I need to save in a .CTB format. The first test print on the memory stick is a,CTB file it printed great. From all the options "Save as" to "Save project" it does not seem to be there. I have tried all the available formats (.stl, .obj, .chitubox) The Shadow 5.5S will not recognize any of them nor print them?

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  • cbd 2020-6-24
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    You need to add the machine in the slicing settings, then slicing, save the file format as ctb
  • Guest 2020-6-24
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    Are you saying a Profile? If so, I did that from the beginning. 
  • Guest 2020-6-25
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     was using out of the box was a generic one I created. I added the actual Shadow 5.5S profile in Chitubox. The "Save As" now is giving me the option via tab down to save .CTB format. Off to the race..
  • 2022-6-9
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    Guest was using out of the box was a generic one I created. I added the actual Shadow 5.5S profile in Chi ...
    having your same problem. settings and slice in saturn in chituboxV1.9.3. still not seeing .CTB. halp please?
  • 2023-4-14
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    They won't help. Switch to Lychee Slicer
  • 7 Months+
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    To save a file in .CTB format using QIDI Tech Shadow 5.5S, you need to use a slicer software such as Chitubox.

    - Open Chitubox and import your 3D model.

    - Slice the model and select the QIDI Tech Shadow 5.5S printer profile.

    - Click on the "Save" button and select the ".CTB" file format.

    - Save the file to a USB drive.

    - Insert the USB drive into the QIDI Tech Shadow 5.5S printer and start the print job.

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  • Guest 6 Months+
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    You can save your plotstyle ctb file to your hard drive so that you can access it when you move to a different computer.  car games

  • Helki 6 Months+
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