Model adptation and real dimensions

Claudioperso 2020-7-1 768

Hi. Somebody can answer me pls if with stl model adaptation to the print-plate returns an altered  dimension of the object ?

I have to print a dental arch model but is too big to print in orizontal mode. I could print in vertical mode but want to know...


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  • cbd 2020-7-1
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    You can rotate and tilt the model and add support so that it does not affect the size of your model
  • Claudioperso 2020-7-1
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    ok i'll do. , thanks.  But in case i want to use te resize, does it gives a real altered dimension of the object?
  • cbd 2020-7-2
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    Yes, you can view the size of the model, you can scale the model size proportionally