Same layer, different displayed image/sublayer?

2020-7-5 327

*EDIT - reposted in troubleshooting and bug reports*

Hello everyone - I think I've found a significant issue with Chitubox's display of individual layers.  At layer 1360 of this file (.02 layer height), I noticed that an island appeared (27.207 is the secondary number for the layer - does this number refer to a sublayer?).  However, upon someone else opening the file, at the same layer it displayed no island (27.202), and when I REOPENED the file, it displayed a tiny, tiny island at the same layer 1360 (27.203 secondary number).

This is a huge issue for accurate printing - when the same layer displays differently each time you open it, you cannot maintain reliable prints.  Is there a way to potentially fix this?

Please see the attached files to see what I mean about islands displaying differently at the same layer.

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