Consistent crash when editing supports

Terry Robertson-Fall 2020-7-10 1379

Chitubox crashes consistently when I perform the following actions:

1. Add a support

2. Edit the middle and move the support, usually away from the model.  This causes the contact sphere to disappear.

3. Select the top and shift it a bit.

4. Resize the contact depth

5. Try to move the support top piece.

6. Top piece disappears and Chitubox crashes.

If not using sphere contact shape, in step 6 the top piece disappears but there is no crash.  Support is useless and must be deleted.

This happens in 1.6.3 and beta.

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  • cbd 2020-7-10
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    Moving the top support to change the contact depth. The bug of moving the top support again to crash the software has been fixed.
  • cbd 2020-7-10
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    About dragging the middle support ball will disappear, can you shoot video to Thank you
  • Guest 2020-7-14
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    getting the same crash quite consistently on v1.6.3 stable. hope the new 1.6.5 is better.
  • cbd 2020-7-14
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    Guest getting the same crash quite consistently on v1.6.3 stable. hope the new 1.6.5 is better.
    1.6.5 has been updated, you can go to the official website to download, if not found, please clear the cache.
  • Flosspick 2020-7-24
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    I've found that editing multiple supports at a time crashes the software everytime.
  • Guest 2020-7-26
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    This is still a big problem on 1.6.5 and the beta.  Editing multiple supports will crash the software every time 
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    The original issue of this post is resolved in, thanks.
  • Max Dercum 2020-10-12
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    getting crashes on support delete in 1.7
  • cbd 2020-10-12
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    Please send your email to and you will receive a test version.