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David Hofmann 2020-7-14 654

After updating to 1.6.5 I stoped being able to open file from the Windows File Explorer. Right clicking on a file and selecting open, or double clicking the file doesn't work.

I can open Chitubox fine.

I tried uninstalling 1.6.5 and did a full re-install after checking to make sure that the old version had fully removed. Didn't help. When I try to use the run command and call the STL file with chitubox.exe it fails also. 

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  • cbd 2020-7-14
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    It is currently not possible to open and double-click a chitubox file. It is a bug, but we have fixed it and will release it in the next version. You can drag into the software after entering the chitubox or open it in the software. Hope you can understand.
  • David Hofmann 2020-7-15
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    Got it. Wanted to confirm it wasn't something on my side.
  • Osman MERSİN 2020-7-22
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    i have the same alright.i will be waiting its ok np