Creality LD002R AA level settings

Davide 2020-7-14 2914

I am currenty trying Chitubox 1.6.5 beta and for Creality LD002R I can select newer features like "greyscale level" or "image blur" but still no AA level settings (it is still "ON" or "OFF"). Is this a feature that is currently worked on for my machine or it is not supported by my printer? 
Thanks in advance!

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  • cbd 2020-7-14
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    1.6.5 is the stable version. If you check the AA function, it is open to the default by default. In addition, if you turn the gray level to 4, the image will be blurred to 4. Then compare it with the ones that are not open, and you will find the difference. You can view it in the slice preview or print it.
  • 2020-7-14
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    In addition; could you clarify what the new settings "Grey Level" and "Image Blur" do in more detail / separately?
     - The examples on only show them all enabled at once; not what each individual setting actually alter :-)

    And what level of AA is activated with the check-box for Creality LD-002R?
  • Davide 2020-7-15
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    I agree that I can set up Grey Level or Image Blur, but compared to Elegoo Mars I cannot set the AA level. See pictures attached:


    Elegoo Mars: