1.6.3 to 1.6.5 issues.

Guest 2020-7-15 601

I tried 1.6.5 recently and these features are things I would really like to see as without it I have to revert back to 1.6.3 to do my supports.

1. I want the option to just make the bottom and the rafts of the supports invisible as I often use this to allign support middle stems to make support trees to either save resin, make the supports easier to remove or to get them through gaps to reach certain islands.

2. I want the option to disable that when I move the middle stem of a support it automatically converts to a support on the model instead of the build plate. I understand the use for it, but I would like to be able to turn this off.

I do like a lot of the new features in 1.6.5 and would like to use it, but these two things make it hard for me to use it. I hope these can be added without much difficulty.

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  • cbd 2020-7-16
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  • cbd 2020-7-16
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    You can change the shape of the bottom support and bottom raft in the support settings
  • Guest 2020-7-17
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    I'm not trying to change the shape of the bottom support or raft, I want it to become invisible when looking at it at a lower angle but still have the middle bit of the support visible. In 1.6.3 this is default, in 1.6.5 it makes the middle bit of the support invisible as well.

  • cbd 2020-7-17
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  • cbd 2020-7-17
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    You can adjust the angle of the hidden support.
    In addition, we have added the function of hiding the bottom raft and bottom support.
  • Guest 2020-7-21
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    Thanks, now I just have to wait for the next release to actually use it.