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Kevin Morrison 2018-11-21 2442

Want to give this a go but when I try and setup the machine parameters the software seems to think it knows best and continually changes the paramters in other fields based on what I input for another field. It is impossible to set this thing up to work with my Anycubic Photon because it refuses to allow me to set the size XYZ without constantly changing my inputs with its own logic. There are other issues with setting this up that documenation would be a huge help with. Such as the print parameters, I know some of these but others are handeled by the Photon software and not optional for me to edit or even see, so I am ignorant to what to setup for a number of these and refuse to even try using this software if I cant be sure what I set here (or leave at default value) is not going to break something or force me to waste expensive resin. Which leads me to ask what business it is of yours what I paid for resin? That makes me question this always on internet requirment and what information you are collecting from me and turning around and selling? Not at all a fan of this always on internet connection as it is so commonly abused I am very reluctant to even bother using ChiTuBox. So how about it, you claim this software supports AnyCubic Photon but you dont seem to want to let out any documentation that could be used by the cautious users like me that want to make sure everything is setup right before I take the plung and plugin a print only to break my printer or waste resin?

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-21
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    Hello,thank you very much for your feedback.


    As for set size of machine, The resolution is proportional. So the size of XY needs to be proportional. If you don't need it, you can unlock it.


    The new version that we will release in November will cancel the Internet connection. As for the information collected, we will also publish it in the software. There are also buttons to cancel it.


    The videos and documents are being uploaded to the website and YouTube,We will gradually improve and upload, which may take some time. Now you can search them.


  • Peter Lewis 2019-8-3
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    It needs to know the price of the resin to tell you the cost of the printed figure.