v1.6.5 : When editing supports, panning stops working

Nathan 2020-7-23 558


When the "Supports" tab is selected and the "Edit Supports" button is selected,  

I lose the ability to pan (mouse left-button and drag).

And with v1.6.5, when I click the "Options" tab to pan, the view drifts.  

When I drag it where I want it, then select the "Edit Supports" button, the view drifts again.

This is very fustrating.  I am considering installing an earlier version.

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  • 2020-9-12
    Quote 2Floor
    100% this. As a stupid (very very annoying) workaround I press "a" (for adding) just to pan, then "e" (for edit) back to keep editing. I am extremely dissapointed in the fact chitubox is best in this field. But soon, resin will be even more mainstream than right now and there will be other solutions.