Manually editing the supports

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Hi evevryone

there are  issues in manual edit of support: (ChiTu 1.2)

Create support (auto, manual doesnt metter) start edit one of the support. While the cursor is on activated part (green stick) hit <Del> on keboard. The whole projcet disappeares from the workspace without any warning... Very unplesent when you work half an hour on finetunig the supports and you lose your work completly.

another less dangeroous but still unplesant issues: 

once you start to edit the upper part of the support the contact point disconnects from the selected object and ends freelly in the space. Sometimes it is wery hard to to recreate the connection. 

This support is not connected:

sometimes, editing of the support (as whole) accidently moves the base quite far from the object. From such situation there is no way back, ChiTu simply stops moving the support at a magic border... (and that was the point I found the first issue: I thought I can simly delete such selected and frozen support by hitting DEL - and deleted the whole work.

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-26
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    Thank you for your good advice. We will continue to improve.

  • Guest 2018-12-29
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    Yes, I completely agree. Working for over 20 minutes on getting every support on the right spot and suddenly, one accidentally deletes the entire model with no warning. Either create a pop-up window warning or deactivate the deleted model while adding supports. It makes no sense to be able to delete the model in this window.