Conversion Error 1073741515

Guest 2020-7-27 3082

I seriously need help. I have the latest version of Chitubox with the plugin installed. My model shows up fine and the software doesn't crash. I slice it and go to save it as a .lgs and then thats where trouble starts. I keep getting "Conversion Error 1073741515". I tried opening and closing Chitubox different ways and opening/loading the file different ways. Nothing. I still get the same error code. I'm running on Windows 10 64bit. 

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  • cbd 2020-7-28
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    Please reinstall vc2017 in the installation directory
  • Guest 2021-2-10
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    Getting the same error.

    Anycubic Mono X.
    After slicing, and while saving the file, getting the following error.
    Conversion failed!Error code:-1073741515

    Using 1.8.1 on Win 10 Prof x64
    Visual studio community 2019 is installed.

    Looking for help.

  • Guest 2021-2-16
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    Found the fix.
    Attached two DLL files to be added inside the folder > C:\Program Files\ChiTuBox64 1.8.1\resource\plugin\AnycubicPlugin

  • Michael W Cheney 2021-3-9
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    Thank you for the fix!!!!