Why it the model moved "up" when adding supports?

2020-7-29 935

Hello, I'm struggling to find out whether I am doing something wrong, or whether this is the expected behaviour and if so, why.
When I have a model that I want to add support to in certain areas it seems like CHITUBOX does not allow me to add the support while leave the rest of the model on the print surface, instead it lifts the entire model up, making it require supports everywhere.

Here is an example:

The red circles are point that I would like to stick to the print surface, this would save me 30 minutes of printing, and need less support while also the model would have better contact points in that exat area instead of sticking to tiny support heads. I realize that my model would "mix into" the feet of the supports but it should be possible to leave it free around its eagde just a milimeter or so.

Is this even achieveable ?

I appologize if this has already been discussed, I had a hard time defining my question into a searchphrase and weren't able to find anything on this on google or the community.

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  • Guest 2020-7-29
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    Just set Z lift height to 0 ;) on top of the supports tab.
  • 2020-7-29
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    Guest Just set Z lift height to 0 ;) on top of the supports tab.
    Thanks ! that what exactly what I needed :) 
  • Leto Atreides 2020-8-14
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    Be careful with this, Chitubox is not very good with adding supports if the Z Height is 0.  It assumes you will always have the Z Height at least higher than the thickness of the pad for the supports, and it will place them in areas that intersect with the model.

  • cbd 2020-8-14
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    No collision to the bottom for now