Relief for Raft.

Guest 2018-11-26 1943

I think especially for FEP based printers an option to put some relief holes or channels in the raft would be a good add.

I like the skate style raft however it tends to generate a large flat layer on the build plate.  While the precision of this layer

is not critical it does tend to really increase the peeling force until the supports start.  This then strains the Z axis and

more so the FEP sheet.  I am not sure how much perforating the raft would help but it seems like it might reduct that initial 

"suction" issue on pealing.  Perhaps instead of holes long channels maybe 2-4 layers high that run altenately the length and

width of the raft would be the way to go.  This might increase the minimum raft thickness a bit and waste a bit more resin

and add small amount of time but I think it would really help on the less ridgid machines and those

with bigger areas, printing larger objects on bigger FEP bottomed vats.

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-11-27
    Quote 2Floor
    Thank you for your suggestion. We have planned this part of the function, but it is still in the process of perfection and development. In the future version, you will see the function you want.