Ability to Select multiple printer types?

Aaron Egawa 2020-8-5 4159

I'm new to Chitubox and I love it!!! Now I'm also new to 3D printing and I've been using this software since I got my Photon S, and I know when I first started using this software it asked me which printer I was using. Now since I'm really getting into using printers I have another printer and will be getting the new Elegoo Saturn in Sept. Now what I cant find is where you can change the printer in the software. Since each build plate is a different size does it matter? Where can I change this setting depending on which printer I'm using? And if you cant can that be a future feature? I'm sure I'm not the only user using multiple printers! 


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  • cbd 2020-8-6
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    You can change the machine in the slice setting, there are multiple machines in the machine list
  • cbd 2020-8-6
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  • Aaron Egawa 2020-8-15
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    Thank You for this information, In The printers you have my printer but mine has a different file extention that needs to be listed. (QIDI TECH Shadow 5.5 S) It requires I use .ctb when I save the files. Can you add that under the Shadow 5.5S?