can't add supports

Guest 2020-8-13 1342

Iv'e been trying to manually add supports and I can't seem to do so. Everytime I click it spawns a support no where near the area I want supported and that's after clicking a few times. The auto support some what works but dose not support everything that needs supporting. Is there a fix for this??

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  • Guest 2020-8-14
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    I have the same issue. My mouse and courser dont match on screen and when I finally am able to add a support it appears in a different part of the mini. On the picture you can see where my mouse is on the shield, the line is farther down on the mini and the support appeared on the right arm of the mini. 

  • Guest 2020-8-14
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    I uninstalled Version and downloaded Version 1.6.5 and everything seems to be working now. You can try that and see if it works. Hope this helps.