Export to CWS for Wanhao D7 Plus

Albert 11 Months+ 2403

Hello, I have a Wanhao D7 Plus dlp printer that can only read CWS files. It would be nice if ChiTu can export a sliced model to a CWS file. I tried to rename  a .zip export to .cws but that doens't work. I notice that the gcode language is really different. 

Or is there any solution to solve this in a different way?

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  • Guest 8 Months+
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    On my D7 I rename de file from ZIP to CWS and it works.  The D7 need a name without any blank space  if you have a file name "file to print" makes it became "filetoprint" or "files_to_print".

  • Guest 8 Months+
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    Don't work for me :(
  • Micron Madness 4 Months+
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    Just letting anyone still wondering know, renaming .zip to .cws does not work. The D7 Plus will show the number of layers when file is selected, but the print will not start.
    So far my best solution is to generate supports in chitubox, save them in a new STL, and then slice that in creation workshop
  • ChiTuBox 4 Months+
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    Micron Madness Just letting anyone still wondering know, renaming .zip to .cws does not work. The D7 Plus will show ...
    Hi, we have tested CWS plugin yet
    and This plugin will be released by plugin developers in July.
  • Micron Madness 4 Months+
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    awesome! Any idea when in july It will come out?
  • Nico Lube 4 Months+
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    I need the cws Format too.

    When get it relesed??
  • Guest 4 Months+
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    v1.5 came out now you can export .CWS 
  • Guest 4 Months+
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    For those looking, you will need to download CWS plugin from Chitubox Github - https://github.com/JNJ3D/CWS-plugin-32bit
    There is 32bit and 8bit version. 
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    I've tried ALL of these on my iMac and just get this... so frustrated right now.