anti aliasing on ld-002r

Guest 2020-8-14 1591

hi all, following a previously asked question, which didn't get a proper answer, i try to ask it again : i have a ld-002r, which SHOULD support 4x/8x anti aliasing. But chitubox (last version as of today, but is has always been that way from months now) only shows, in the advanced tab, the "on/off" option for anti aliasing. recently it added the grey levels and blur levels, but still with only the on/off anti aliasing option... am i missing something ? how do i get the option to change the AA level, as the machine should be capable as per specifics ? thanks

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  • cbd 2020-8-14
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  • cbd 2020-8-14
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    The anti-aliasing of the ctb format has been opened to the maximum by default. You can use the default machine to adjust the level of anti-aliasing you need.
  • Guest 2020-8-16
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    thanks, but i don't have that menu in my chitubox software (1.6.5), it just shows the AA on/off switch, the grey levels, the blur switch and, if activated, the blur level.
  • cbd 2020-8-17
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    Guest thanks, but i don't have that menu in my chitubox software (1.6.5), it just shows the AA on/off swit ...
    Does the default machine have no aa level? If not, please try to restore the factory settings. If it is invalid, please enter the log path, close the software, and delete all files in the log path.
  • Guest 2020-8-17
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    nope, i unistalled chitubox, and manually removed all chitubox folders from c:\users\myuser\appdata, did a fresh install with the result is that i (correctly) found myself with only the default printer, which does not have the 4x/8x aa option, but it does have the pWM light parameters and the aa switch. when i add the creality ld-002r, the result is the same as before, no 4x/8x option, and it also looses the pwm light options.