Worked fine, now layers missing after slicing.

Carl Snider 6 Months+ 257

Using, things were working fine up until a couple days ago, then had a print failure that I initially thought was just a pull away from supports, as it turns out, the whoe layer was missing, in fact around 150 layers were missing in the sliced file. I loaded the cbddlp file and this is what I see:

Any idea what's up, this happens with multiple files all around the same layer????

I knew had issues, but this seems to be pretty severe! Any help would be appreciated.

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  • cbd 6 Months+
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    Have you turned off calculating volume slices. If closed, please open.
  • cbd 6 Months+
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  • Carl Snider 6 Months+
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    Yes, the failure happens with calculating volumes enabled and disabled. Possible system resource issue?