Support Hidden Angle doesn't seem to be working

RJ 2020-8-22 765


When adding supports to my models, I can always see the "skate" of the support.  This makes it very difficult to see where I need to add supports, as the skate blocks my view.

I have tried changing the "Support Hidden Angle" to 0, 45, 75, 90.  None of these seem to be doing anything.  Once set, I restart the program and ensure the setting has been retained, yet it still does not seem to help.

Any thoughts?

EDIT:  I was messing around with it some more, and it seems to only get rid of the skate and the also removes the pillar from view when viewing the model from the top.  Should this not be backward, so that I can see where I'm placing support?  Setting a negative number (e.g. -45) does not work.

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  • cbd 2020-8-24
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    After you enable it, you restart the computer, it should take effect, you can try to restore factory settings or delete the log file. If it is invalid, please send an email to