Unable to Move View In Support View Unless "Add Support" is Selected

RJ 2020-8-23 829

Hello, I am Unable to Move View In Support View Unless "Add Support" is Selected.

While manually adding supports around my models, I am unable to hold left-click and drag the screen around unless I have "Add Support" Selected.  The screen will not move if I have "Edit Support" or "Delete Support" selected.  Also, while dragging the screen around with "Add Support" selected, it will drop a support if I accidentally click on the mode even though I'm dragging the screen.


Win10 Pro 64bit

Intel integrated graphics

Any thoughts?

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  • cbd 2020-8-24
    Quote 2Floor
    In edit support mode, you need to hold down the middle mouse button to move.
  • cbd 2020-8-24
    Quote 3Floor
    The support will disappear. Did you move the support while editing? Is there a video available? Thank you!