how to hide models selectivly?

2020-8-30 989

When I have several prints that I'm adding support for at the same time.  I'd like to be able to hide ones that I'm not currently working on.  It makes it difficult to add/edit supports when there are other models with their supports in the way.

I can do this in Prusa, is there a way to do it in Chitubox?


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  • cbd 2020-8-31
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    Your suggestion is very good, and we will consider it carefully. Thank you
  • Richard Morrow 2022-2-21
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    on the prepare tab.. your models are listed on the right side bar...highlight the one u want and uncheck the ones u don't..your selection will be colored. now, click support and just that model is there. same applies with any edit function.
  • Cliff Knight 2022-2-21
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    ^^^This -- un-select the "Select All" button first: