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Encountering display issues with

I received ChituBox with my Creality LD-002R printer, and it worked correctly with its initial 1.6.2 install. I upgraded to and the the objects no longer render (the display panel does not show anything, not the printing plate, nor the model. It is just background gray and the resize message).

- I un-installed ChiTu and reverted to the previous version. That did not work.

- I re-installed the graphic drivers and OpenCL stack. No change. 

- I tried switching ChiTu to "legacy compatibility mode" (the checkbox in settings). No difference. 


- Intel i7-2670QM

- Intel HD Graphics 3000

- Windows 10

I would usually blame Windows, but in this case I am lost as to what to try next. 

Separate issue: enabling the "thumbnail rendering" option will crash explorer. Disabling that in options solved it. 

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  • cbd 2020-9-9
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    1. Check and update your driver, please download it from the corresponding official website.
    2. Please enter the log path to delete all files under the log path (close chitubox first when deleting)