Specific Printer Thread, for example "Mars LCD 3D resin printer"

Michael Barkley 2018-12-8 5949

Would be helpful for specific thread/topic for printer models, so people who have that particular printer can help each other with ChiTuBox tweaking/tips/etc.   For example I have the "Mars LCD 3D Resin Printer" and would like to discuss with other users of ChiTuBox and the Mars LCD 3D Resin Printer, regarding their best practices, settings, issues, suggestions, etc when using ChiTuBox to slice for the printer.

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  • CHITUBOX 2018-12-17
    Quote 2Floor
    Ok, we will consider adding this part.
  • 2020-9-5
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    It will be interesting.... Chitubox is the software provided in the promos of ELEGOO MARS / P in Amazon, then the comunity it will be importan as now will grow a lot...
    The software and hardware of this set are very good, but for the beginners it still little complicate to star the projects , set the software and understand the key point to work hardware is not propperly exposed ont the manual. 
    More information about the frequent problems and basic topics about this configuration will help a lot the end users.