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Jon 2020-9-11 1587

I have a question for the 1.6.5 release.

When placing the supports on the support tab, is there a way to turn off or stop the program from trying to auto center the model when you click on it?

For exampe: If I have a character arm and I click on the fingers to place a support, it tries to center the screen on the finger that I clicked on. When I click on the elbow to place a support it moves the screen center yet again to centert the elbow. 

I know it was trying to be helpful, but its getting annoying when you are trying to move the model to determine placements and it keeps changing the screen center on you.


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  • Jon 2020-9-11
    Quote 2Floor

    I found this thread below, , but I do not have that otpion check box on my settings.  Was it moved to a new location?