Manual spport not being placed where I an clicking.

Austin Holmes 2020-9-14 586

I am have trouble with my new HP laptop with manual supports. When I go to place a support my curser is on the base of the mini and the support ends up on the head of the mini(if it shows up at all). I have tried to look at other threads and tried what others have suggested. But I have had no luck. I have tried to review my setting and other things but it's not working. I am having the same issue with the Photon Workshop as well. Any help would be very appreciated. 

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  • cbd 2020-9-16
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    Which version of chitubox are you using, can you make a video and send it to Looking forward to your reply
  • Austin Holmes 2020-9-19
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    I will send a video!
  • Guest 2020-9-20
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    You have to enable compatibility mode in settings
  • 2020-10-7
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    I am having this problem with my HP laptop too! Please let me know what the solution is!
  • 2020-10-7
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    Guest You have to enable compatibility mode in settings
    I tried finding "compatibility mode" in the settings menu and can't find it
  • cbd 2020-10-9
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    Are you using the latest version?
  • cbd 2020-10-9
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  • cbd 2020-10-9
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    I tried finding "compatibility mode" in the settings menu and can't find it