Issue on Win 10 and updating to with display flashing flickering

Harley Andrew Euler 2020-9-17 1254

Okay the problem I was able to recreate and it happens upon updating from 1.6.1 for Windows 10 64 version to is the display/screen flashing/flickering uncontrollably. Its a gradual progession maybe 1 or so minutes of the display/screen flashing/flickering becoming increasingly in frequency where it completely limits user interface of everything, not just Chitubox. Only way I was able to fix the problem was to restore from previous point before the upgrade of Chitubox. 

I would just keep my 1.6.1, though I can't view my model once loaded other than an outline of the base. I know that the cause of that problem is becase of the version, as I was able to view my model as I should with briefly before I was unable to do anything but restore my computer again.

Would is needed of me to be able to assist in getting this problem resolved? Thank you for your time

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  • Guest 2020-9-17
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    I noticed this but it is not constant, just sometimes. What graphics card you have? I am using an Intel integrated one
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    I'm also using integrated Intel. I notice that it wasn't consistent, but the problem got worse as I was trying to fix the problem. I worked to resolve the problem about 2 to 3 hours both times. Have you waited it out? If so, how long did you have to wait and how long do you have before you can't do anything again?

  • cbd 2020-9-18
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    Please check and update your driver, or enable graphics card compatibility mode in the settings.
  • Guest 2020-9-18
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    I close and reopen chitubox when it happens. Sometimes I cannot see the models I am adding (I only see a piece of them appearing). I use "Plater" to create the layout so I do not need to do it in chitubox, but of course you loose the supports
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    Please check and update your driver, or enable graphics card compatibility mode in the settings.
    DRIVERS ARE UP-TO-DATE! I really hate that this the main reply I get when something happens. I know there are a lot of computer illiterate people in the world, but this isn't my first rodeo. I might just try and find some other slicer to work for my needs, as I guess there isn't anything other support than update your drivers. Come on people, as if you read any threads here, that is the first replay to nearly every one.