[SOLVED] Slicing error more structure than the model geometry

2020-9-23 1325

Dear all,

I've to print the attached geometry with a DLP printer (ELEGOO MARS), after a first try I've see some added structure that was not present into the original geometry. Then I've checked inside the slicer step by step and I've found these "phantom" structure added by the slicer after the slicing process.

It is a Chitubox or there are some of strange inside the original geometry that have to be checked?

Could you please let me know your think how to overcome this trouble?

Thank and best regards!


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  • Guest 2020-9-23
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    It seems your model has holes and problems besides what chitubox is doing. Try to repair the geometry in another software first, like with 3d builder in Windows 10
  • 2020-9-23
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    Thank, I've already checked the structure and filled some small surface error on some surface that was not perfectly joined, but what I can also see is that the inclination of the model can show sometimes this artifact that is not present if the inclination is changed to other value... now I'll try to use the rebuilder and check again after this repair task. Thank and best regards.
  • 2020-9-23
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    I've repaired the model with 3Dbuilder and now all seems ok, so especially when model came from others, always check with some repair tools!