Trouble with my 123D design after downloading Chitubox

John Norman Dersch 2020-9-28 563

     Hi there people with 3d printers

     Have recently downloaded Chitubox to be able to slice my files and print on my Epax 1 N Printer . After downloading the Chitubox I am now faced with a problem that I am unable to bring up my list of saved files in 123d design, and have it on the screen for any length of time  (Only 15 Sec )   before the 123D design just shuts down and the computer goes back to the desktop . I then have to go back and call up the 123d design again. Have tried this several times but it does it each time , If you select a file very quickly from the file menu and bring it into the 123D design grid you have in front of you the programme stays up and running .  Any ideas would be very appreciated. How can the downloading of Chitubox affect my 123 D design drawing program.????

 Thanks John

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