HELP! Way too much frequent crashing on 32 bit version and more crashing on the 64 bit version

2020-9-29 761

I am running version 1.6.2 on 32 bit which has been the most stable so far but crashes if i slice more than 2 objects on a single plate. I have downloaded mulitple versions of the most updated and past versions both 32 and 64 beta and stable, but the crashing and almost unusability of chitubox has been making 3D printing a complete hassle. I am running the programs on a surface pro 7, that is 64 bit , I7 processor and 16gb of ram. I am thinking it could be the way this computer was built that is holding me back because I have been searching and reaserching probable cause for the inordinate amount of crashing with this program and have found no help. Please can anyone else figure this out?

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  • Alex Hilman 2020-10-1
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    Can you update to latest version? There new version 1.7. Your computer is good, but problem is software or stl file something problem.
  • cbd 2020-10-5
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    Is the driver up to date?