"Put on the Plate" Not Working, or am I dumb?

2020-9-29 1326

I'm really new to my brand new Photon and I've been prepping stuff to print. I just did my first print and while some stuff was messed up, I THOUGHT I knew why (it didn't appear to have properly printed - some supports were attached but the 'bases' of the supports weren't there, which to me initially made me think I didn't level the printer correctly and therefore it started printing "above" where the bases of the supports were, EG: it's z-origin was too high), but now I'm not so sure.

So now, I'm preparing to slice my second print and when I import stuff into Chitubox, unlike last time I used it, "Put on the plate" doesn't do anything? I'm thinking either something has gone wrong, OR I just somehow messed up my print before because I set things up incorrectly before in Chitubox, as opposed to with leveling my bed and setting z-origin.

I opened my previous project and removed some of the stuff to make some room, leaving a few of the previous attempted (but failed) prints. When I import a new item (A) it appears at the shown Z coordinate (0), whereas my previous imported stuff (B) is lower, which was a result of hitting "Put on the plate" previously. When selected these (B) items ALSO report they are at Z coordinate 0, and don't move when I hit "Put on the plate" again. When I hit "Put on the plate" for the new (A) item, it ALSO doesn't move at all.

Additional note: All my imported models are pre-supported, so I'm doing no manual support adding.

What dumb thing have I done wrong?

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