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2020-10-2 535

Can't access my NAS where all my files are stored on the new version 1.7.0 (64).
It works just fine on

Can this be looked at to correct this error as this is a useful function.

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  • cbd 2020-10-5
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    We will investigate as soon as possible
  • 2020-10-29
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    Same over here, can't access my network drives. Is there a solution yet?
  • 2021-1-29
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    Which printer? Can you access to a network drive from the printer? How?
  • cbd 2021-2-2
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    After testing, all versions of network sending are working properly, may I ask what printer you are using?
    Is the machine and the computer on the same LAN? Is there a USB stick inserted in the machine and are the files written successfully?
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    The problem is chitubox doesnt seem to be able to browse mapped network drives. You can explore the network work groups but this is all. It is also not 'incapable' of accessing mapped network drives. Just browsing doesnt work. If your explorer recognizes .stl files and attributes them to chitubox, you can click on the stl and open it up from windows explorer without going through chitubox.This seems to be the only work-around I know. Also one more trick is. Once you open a file from explorer and it loads to chitubox. If you hit 'open' again from chitubox, the browser will be in the shared network drive folder where you opened the first file. So the browsing of network drives without this trick, seems like a bug in the software.

  • Cliff Knight 4 Months+
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    i am using v 1.7.0 and newer on Linux Mint 20.1 with NFS shares on a ReadyNAS Pro 2 with no issues--what operating system are you using?

  • 4 Months+
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    Cliff Knight i am using v 1.7.0 and newer on&n ...
    Ive had this problem on 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and again on 1.9.x with Windows 10. My network drives are shared over NFS.
  • Cliff Knight 4 Months+
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    My wife bought a HP laptop with Win 10 last year--IIRC I had a bitch of a time getting Win 10 to connect to the shares, don't really remember what the issue was; Windows permissions if i remember. I have not used Windows in 15+ years, except at work (FLDOH)  'cause they did--and I've been retired for 5 now...