CHITUBOX some question about support definitions (contact depth and inclination)

2020-10-2 544

Dear Team,

I kindly request how is defined the contact depth parameter for the support structure reported into the attached drawing "Structure-definition", is this 0.4 mm or I've to taken in account other things relating the inclination of the support respect the object surface normal?

The Contact Depth is measured along the normal at the surface from the center of the Contact Diameter up to the intersection with the profile of the Sphere related the support or in what way?

As second question, with a model that have an inclination of the face towards the building plane equal to 30°, Im' not able to use support with an inclination that is greater than 30° on these faces, so aligned to the surface normal. If I try to set up for example 45°, as into the attached image, the support generated with manual placing have always 30° of inclination. This limitation that I've see is mainly related to the face that is towards the building plane, then I'm able to set up support to other faces with any angle I like.

It is just to know in order to better understand the logic under the support placing.

Thanks for your time and support with Chitubox!

Best regards!


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    Regarding the first question: the previous support contact depth is the same as you said, but now it is the depth of the support direction after the front end of the support touches the model.
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