support of anycubic MONO

2020-10-4 1669

I just got my mono in the mail and want to start using it, but Chitubox doesn't support mono format. Chitubox is my only option as I don't have windows PCs to install anycubics horrible slicer. Can we get this fast tracked please? I have my Mono X coming in the mail as well. Thanks in advance.

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  • cbd 2020-10-5
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    The machine is being tested and we will add it to the list of machines when testing is complete.
  • Guest 2020-10-7
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    I can't wait for this to be available! The Photon Workshop slicer is terrible! I have a Photon Mono with a Mono X ordered and would really like to use Chitubox.
  • Allen Applegarth 2020-11-11
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    Ditto! Please hurry!
  • Randy 2020-11-19
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    After using Photon WorkShop I am really hopeful you all are close to releasing this, even in beta.  Thanks!
  • Allen Applegarth 2020-12-7
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    I'd like to volunteer for the beta... I am having way to many issues with the Photon Workshop. It really sucks.